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トーク:OpenSUSE Weekly News/109

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the day that opened his eyes was not the new home

He is a very ordinary man. On the appearance, it is not as handsome as other men.On the ability, it is only a general staff member of the government agency, and the salary is not much more than the wife.Such an ordinary man, in the materialized society, many women will be suspected of his shackles and no ability.

A good colleague of hiss often complained to him, saying that his wife would look at her eyebrows from day to night. At this moment, he remembered her good in her heart. Ordinary as him, is a mountain in her eyes.On the day of the monthly salary, she took the money from his hand and smiled at him. She also had a "squeaky" on his face. At home, she had to talk softly and discuss with him, although in the end When she got the idea, it was the result of two people discussing it. He likes the feeling of being upright and feels like a man.

On this day, he went custom iphone case to a friend's house to be a guest. This friend is proud of his style - photo iphone case he graduated from a famous university, entered a foreign-invested enterprise, and bought the house and car.However, the day that casify opened his eyes was not a new home for his friends to decorate, but a friend��s loyalty in front of his wife.

However, the day that opened his eyes was not the new home with luxurious decoration, but the friend��s loyalty in front of his wife.He praised that his friend's house was big enough to be beautiful, and his friend's wife pouted: "It's just so-so, my colleague's villa is beautiful!"He was a little embarrassed and quickly shifted the topic: "I heard that you bought a car, what brand?"Her wife answered: "I am embarrassed to sit in a broken second-hand car."

When he got home and looked at his wife, he was moved inexplicably. He rehearsed what he had seen and heard in his friend's house, and then said to his wife, "Wife, thank you for loving me so much."The wife smiled: "Of course, I have a pair of bulls eyes! Do you know why the cow is so docile as a giant? Because the cow's eyes are magnifying glasses, you can think of a small person diy iphone case as a mountain. Love is a magnifying glass. Because I love you, I am willing to treat you picture iphone case as a mountain."He took his wife into his arms.