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In the news:

Virtualbox, grep, gawk update in Tumbleweed
The rhythm of openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots being released this week continues at a steady pace. The rolling release appears to be producing consistent snapshots since the 20220903 release. Two pac... (Douglas DeMaio) Sep 21
Plasma, Gear, Frameworks update in Tumbleweed
This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots had several KDE packages updated and an update affecting scripts related to grep. In addition to some changes with YaST affecting grep, the rolling relea... (Douglas DeMaio) Sep 15
Leap Micro 5.3 Beta Available for Testing
Leap Micro 5.3, which is a modern lightweight host operating system, is now available for beta testing on The beta version is only expected to be available on openSUSE’s website... (Douglas DeMaio) Sep 09
Tumbleweed Ends Continuous Streak, Keeps Rolling
The Tumbleweed continuous daily-release streak ended last week with a new record of 26 snapshots, but openSUSE’s rolling release doesn’t appear to have slowed down in any way with the frequency... (Douglas DeMaio) Sep 08
Tumbleweed Continues Release Streak
Tumbleweed’s continuous daily release streak has reached an astounding 26 snapshots. The streak of openSUSE’s rolling release continued this week and packages like glibc, ibus, Mozilla Firefox... (Douglas DeMaio) Sep 02