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Winner Announced for 2020 Conference Logo Competition
The winner of the openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference logo competition is Kukuh Syafaat from Indonesia. Kukuh’s “Fresh Community Spirit” was the winning design and was one of 10 designs submitt...
Douglas DeMaio Jan 24
LibreOffice, Firefox, Curl Receive Updates in Tumbleweed
Several packages were updated this week for openSUSE Tumbleweed as was expected after the holiday season. Five snapshots of the rolling release have been delivered so far this week after passing th...
Douglas DeMaio Jan 15
Tumbleweed Provides Some Stability to 2020
The year of 2020, at least in the openSUSE world, is starting out to be pretty stable. In little more than a week into the new year, there have been five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots released. The...
Douglas DeMaio Jan 09
Q&A: What it is like to be on the openSUSE Board
You already know what a fantastic platform openSUSE is for doing just about anything with Linux. So what’s behind that easy-to-use and super powerful distribution that we know and love, a...
Douglas DeMaio Jan 07
openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 – Call for Nominations, Applications
Election time is here! Two seats are open for election on the openSUSE Board. Gertjan Lettink completed his second term. Simon Lees completed his first term and thus he is eligible to run as a Boar...
Douglas DeMaio Dec 05


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