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Geeko あなたは、openSUSEコミュニティーおよびopenSUSE Linuxに関してもっと参加するか見つけ出したいですか? openSUSE Local User Groupsは、openSUSEの選択を広げるのを支援することができる特定のエリア出身のopenSUSEコミュニティー・メンバーのグループです。

Local User Groupを探そう、加わろう、始めよう

探そう - あなたのエリアの Local User Groupを探し、加わろう。
始めよう - あなたのエリアで Local User Groupを始めよう。

Marketing for openSUSE LUGs

We want you to let your area know what openSUSE is, what that your Local User Group exists and is looking for other Linux users and those interested in both Linux and openSUSE. So have a look at some artwork that you can take for use in your LUG.

Have a look!

Latest News

11.1 Release Parties

openSUSE 11.1 is coming, and your openSUSE Local User Group has the perfect time to hold a openSUSE 11.1 release party! Get together with your fellow openSUSE users to celebrate a new release!

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