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この文章は、openSUSE 10.2を元にしています。

There are some advantages in using the tools supplied with OpenSUSE for the basic installation. You will then get a basic working setup with the LDAP schemas needed for normal operation.
There is quite a lot of information in chapter 27 in the openSUSE 10.2 Manual.

One thing that is missing is how to setup autofs to mount directories via LDAP.


  • Use your packet manager to add the "yast2-ldap-server" module.
  • Restart Yast and go to Network Services and start the LDAP server module.
  • Choose to start the LDAP server and chose Configure.
  • Select "Database" and then "Add"
  • Select a Base-DN in the form of "dc=example,dc=com" or "dc=test,dc=example,dc=com". This would normally mimic your network domain like example.com or test.example.com
  • chose a password and then "OK"

Your server should now be ready to rock and roll!

To use it for user authentication see: Howto setup client and server for user authentication in a small network

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