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As mentioned in GNOME/Repositories, upstream GNOME projects may maintain their own repositories for their applications. For example, although Tomboy is part of GNOME and available in all the standard GNOME repositories, the Tomboy project has its latest stable releases available in GNOME:Apps:Tomboy, and its latest development releases in GNOME:Apps:Tomboy:Unstable. These per-application repositories allow you to upgrade individual GNOME apps without having to add large repositories that offer upgrades of your entire GNOME stack.

アプリケーション 安定版 開発版
Tomboy GNOME:Apps:Tomboy GNOME:Apps:Tomboy:Unstable

開発者は,自分が開発しているアプリケーションのリポジトリを作成し,上記テーブルに追記してください。テンプレート:GNOME Navbox